IT Staffing & Recruiting

Partners in Business

You have a need for vetted professionals. The ones that can hit the ground running without skipping a beat. Why not use one of the premier IT companies in the area to select the candidates for you? And while we are at it, we can also take care of their HR needs so you don’t have to.


At Entre Computer Services We Have A Mission Statement and A Vision Statement.

Create superior value by providing the best in people and services.

Customers prefer us
Competitors respect us
Communities welcome us
Entre team members are proud of their individual

and collective success

How We Achieve Goals


Through hard work and attitude, but we start closer to those goals by hiring the right people the first time.
Finding the right people is a challenge for everyone but technical recruiting faces unique challenges. At Entre we not only require highly skilled individuals  but individuals who work well with each other and with our customers. People you are happy to work alongside every day. It’s what we call “hiring for nice”.  Today Entre is offering you, our business customers, an opportunity to use our experience to hire your technical team. We’ve done it for ourselves for over 30 years and we believe we can help you too.


We Love Rochester

National staffing firms are terrific. For New York City. For Chicago. For L.A.
They are embarrassingly ignorant of “why Rochester”? Isn’t it always snowing? Who would want to live there?
Entre is Rochester-based. We know the economic climate, the benefits of the local housing market, the shortened commutes and the quality of life. We also know it snows. Isn’t it great!?


Everyone wants to deal with a flexible vendor.

But what is flexibility. Flexibility comes from the ability not to just move nimbly but with enough internal resources to move effectively. A tiny company may be nimble but not effectively. A large enterprise company can be effective, but hardly ever is nimble.

A company like Entre is the right-size; nimble AND effective.


Team Vetting

Before they get to you, they need to get through us.

When appropriate, we employ a technique that has proved very successful. Team vetting. If a candidate falls into a category where we have in-house expertise (networking or software development for example), we find that an interview in a team setting does two very good things. (1.) determines whether the candidate has the ‘right stuff’. (2.) Impresses the candidate that we are not just a job shop and builds credibility for us and, in turn, our client.

Want to know more? Let’s get together!