Communicate. Everywhere.

Improve Internal Communication

eScreenz, the award winning internal communication tool enables organizations to cut through the clutter of email, reach employees quickly and easily no matter where they are, give direct access to files through shared drives, and much more!

Enhance Employee Engagement


eScreenz and eScreenz Mobile focus on features crucial to internal communication. Urgent messages and clickable slides reach all user devices – from phones to iPads to desktops to large format displays. With this targeted messaging system in place, business owners and department leaders can ensure that employees acknowledge crucial notifications, stay up to date on company policies and are aware of important news and updates in real time.


eScreenz is easy-to-use, intuitive and has features designed to support organizations of all sizes.

Schedule when users will see each slideshow on specific dates and times - perfect for one-time or recurring events.
Urgent notifications
Send urgent notifications that display immediately - even while a computer is in use - to warn of hazardous events and situations.
Give users one-click access to more information online or to documents on shared drives. Adding a link makes any slide clickable!
Acknowledgement Slides
Great for compliance issues. Shows one or more slides when the user logs on. Effectively locks computer until message is acted upon before the user can proceed.
Usage reports
eScreenz has a variety of reports to keep you informed of message distribution.
New message notification
When a new message is published, desktops and laptops receive an alert box with a thumbnail of the latest news.