Application Development Case Study

escreenz mobile for virtual conferencing

"Be virtually anywhere."


The Challenge

A local health organization had been planning a live conference for many months, only to have it impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Disappointed, they needed to find a way to still hold their conference while adhering to the now necessary social-distancing guidelines. 



Entre's Solution

Using Entre Computer Service’s eScreenz™ Mobile, the client was able to pull off a fully online event. eScreenz™ Mobile allowed conference attendees to see the daily agenda and speakers, gave them the opportunity to see videos and chat amongst themselves in discreet groups, take quizzes for prizes and enjoy the experience as if they were there in person (almost). Perhaps best of all, they can continue to use the same application for smaller gatherings throughout the year. This was all at a cost that was less than 10% of a live conference. 



The conference was a success! Though a virtual conference utilizing eScreenz™ Mobile was not their initial intention, the results were outstanding. Moving this conference online cut expenses significantly. A live conference that was originally estimated at $100K+ ended up costing under $10K. Without the need for travel or lodgings, attendance was at the same level or higher than expectations for the live conference. Participants were still able to enter individual chat rooms and groups and enjoy keynote speakers, all from the comfort of their own home or place of business. 


Given the lower cost, this organization will host more events and conferences throughout the year. Attendees are provided more flexibility, creating the opportunity to attend from even across the globe. Participants can also go back to view the presentations and listen to the speakers after the fact, allowing them to continually learn and appreciate the valuable information being presented.