Application Development Case Study

Event Registration, e-Commerce, and ERP

The Challenge

A major national distributor of salon products wanted to more directly engage their customers - salon owners. The distributor needed the ability to not only sell product over the web but to accept registration and payment for classes and conferences that occur at different locations throughout the year. In addition that ‘live’ information needed to be fully integrated with their ERP system.


Entre's Solution

Entre’s award-winning application development team gathered requirements and conducted a comprehensive analysis.
In building the analysis, Entre investigated the pros and cons of using off cloud based software such as Eventbrite and Constant Contact or building a custom solution.   Additionally, Entre provided options for entering content such as hiring a dedicated resource or crowd-sourcing sourcing of data entry via Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The result was a site that had easy-to-use navigation to make certain even non-sophisticated users knew where to go at all times for what they need. To accomplish that we made heavy use of ‘tiles’ that featured a background image with text overlaid on the top.  



ASP .NET, DNN, WebAPI, Bootstrap, SASS, Knockout, Simple Injector, Dapper