Application Development Case Study

Health Care Performance

The Challenge

A major area hospital needed to find a way to improve performance of their patient transport dispatch team. Their system of phone calls and written notes was resulting in longer waits for patients and the slowing down of schedules hospital-wide. What was required was a more efficient way to reach and assess the team of people who transport patients between different areas of the hospital complex.



Entre's Solution

Entre Computer Services application development team created the Patient Transport Request (PTR) application. As the name implies, this custom application allows transporter personnel to accept incoming transport requests and confirm delivery of patients. PTR’s sophisticated algorithm allows priorities transport requests and automatically sends them to available transporters.

Additionally, PTR provides custom reports. Hospital personnel even input their breaks, providing the hospital with a record of accountability. That same accountability improved compliance with JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) as well.



ASP, SQL Server, VoiceGuide